“Make each day your masterpiece.”

We 💗 life and human interest stories that inspire. Here’s a preview of our Life stories in Everly Issue 2.

We were so honoured to interview the inimitable Mia Freedman about the Lady Startup movement bringing females to the fore. Mia has inspired countless Aussie women to start their own businesses or side hustles, and take them to the next level. Find out what inspired Mia along the way and why it’s so important to pay things forward and lift other women up.

Mia Freedman sittingn in the Mamamia office with staff in the background
Mia Freedman

When New Zealand friends Nic Murray and Marie Fitzpatrick waxed lyrical about how to spread joy, they never expected their simple idea would take off, turn into a charity, attract over 2800 volunteers and deliver more than a million moments of kindness. Good Bitches Baking (GBB) is not your average charity. We chat to GBB to find our how a humble idea sparked a kindness revolution across New Zealand.

Nic and Marie from the charity Good Bitches Baking sitting on a couch
(Photo courtesy of Strategy Creative)

… And here’s a preview of our Life stories in Everly Issue 1.

In our Taking the Reins feature, we sit down with Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne and director Rachel Griffiths to talk about the smash-hit film Ride Like A Girl. This powerhouse duo teamed up to bring Michelle’s story to life on the big screen, from the lowest of lows (injury setbacks and family tragedies) to the highest of highs (becoming the first female jockey to take out the Cup and inspiring a nation along the way). This film has everything… it’ll make you laugh, cry and jump for joy.

As Michelle says, “If this film can be an inspiration to young girls with a dream, or anyone with a dream, that’s what makes me so proud.”

Rachel Griffiths and Michelle Payne at the Ride Like a Girl film premiere
(Photo above courtesy of Jim Lee)

In our feature The Secret Philanthropist, we follow the fascinating story of pioneering businessman and uber-philanthropist Charles ‘Chuck’ Feeney. Probably the only person to ever give away $600 million to charities around the world and not tell anyone about it!

Chuck made his fortune setting up Duty Free Shoppers back in 1960, but the trappings of great wealth made him uncomfortable. Instead he spent his years donating $8 billion (for the most part anonymously) to amazing causes. We hear about his outlook on life, business and how he championed the ‘Giving While Living’ philanthropy movement.

Chuck Feeney sitting next to his CEO in a garden