About Everly

Everly Editor Lesley Slade

a magazine for dreamers, doers and creatives…

Everly is a new, Australian magazine available in both print and digital formats. It’s a love letter to style, travel, the arts and life. Everly shines a light on what ignites us, compels us and things that take us to our happy place. 

The magazine was conceived by freelance journalist Lesley Slade while travelling by train between Milan and Paris in October 2019. She wanted to create something different. While it might look like a lifestyle magazine from the outside, she wanted the inside pages to offer more (more in-depth features, more space devoted to stories, and more varied content to satisfy a wider range of reader interests). And so the beginnings of Everly started to take shape – a magazine that delves into the fascinating stories of creatives, dreamers and doers around the world.

The magazine is Australian, but it’s fair to say Everly carries an international flavour, sure to be appreciated by readers far and wide. Content comes from all corners of the globe, but you can always count on seeing homegrown Aussie tales as well as stories from France and Italy. (Yes, Lesley has a strong affinity to these countries after spending several years living overseas and returning for holidays.)

During her career, Lesley has freelanced for publications in Australia and the UK covering all sorts of stories spanning fashion, dance, travel, music, theatre, cinema, business and sport. She brings with her a natural curiosity about the world, people and places and she enjoys sharing a good yarn, especially if there’s a chance it could inspire others.

Follow along and be part of our journey on the Everly Instagram page. After all, a small business / start-up magazine is nothing without its loyal supporters, readers and customers. One of the most helpful things you can do is tell your friends, sisters, mums, neighbours and colleagues about our magazine. At this stage, we aim to publish two issues of Everly per year. We’re just getting started and we’re in it for the long haul, as we build our tribe.

Yes, the magazine is launching in uncertain times thanks to COVID-19, but there’s a growing appetite for good news, positive stories and a desire to escape and daydream. Everly offers readers a reminder of the amazing and beautiful world that’s waiting for us on the other side of all this.

We hope you love Everly as much as we enjoy putting together this passion project!