“Creativity takes courage.”

We 💗 the arts. Here’s a preview of our Arts content in Everly Issue 1.

Catch our interview with multi-hyphenate Tim Minchin about his forthcoming album Apart Together. We were thrilled to have the chance to chat with the super-talented musician, comedian, composer, lyricist, actor, writer, producer and director. Tim shares the meaning behind his latest single I’ll Take Lonely Tonight, as well as his pearls of wisdom in life and love, and what invigorates him as an artist. We also ask the question: Will there be another season of his hit TV show Upright?

Drawing of Tim Minchin sitting in a red dingy surrounded by water
We profile French-Tunisian social change artist eL Seed whose murals appear all over the world from Rio to Paris, Cape Town to Cairo. eL Seed’s artistic style, known as calligraffiti, melds Arabic calligraphy and street graffiti while delivering messages of hope, tolerance, unity and respect. In our interview he talks about the human experience of art, collaborations and what made him quit his nine-to-five job and pursue his dream.

Opera House in Dubai featuring an eL Seed sculpture and mural

Discover stunning dance photography from Abraham de Souza in the first edition of Everly magazine. Our Born to Dance feature highlights the power, grace and agility of dancers, alongside Abraham’s keen eye for detail.

Female ballet dancer on pointe surrounded by powdery smoke
(Photo above courtesy of Abraham de Souza)