A chocolate biscuit featuring a heart shape made by icing-sugar sits on a kitchen table

Baking it better
in New Zealand

Baking for strangers has set in motion a kindness revolution, with the aim of making Aotearoa the kindest place on earth.

When New Zealand friends Nic Murray and Marie Fitzpatrick waxed lyrical about how to spread joy, they never expected their simple idea would take off, turn into a charity, attract over 2800 volunteers and deliver more than a million moments of kindness.

Good Bitches Baking is not your average charity. They’ve embraced an edginess that most people love, but they also understand the name might strike a nerve for others.

In fact, they’ve dedicated a whole page on their website explaining why they’re not backing down from their name and how they’ve reclaimed this swear word to have positive connotations.

Anyone can be a part of this kindness movement – you don’t have to be female.

Nic and Marie from the charity Good Bitches Baking sitting on a couch
GBB founders Nic and Marie (Photo by Strategy Creative)

Good Bitches Baking (or GBB) is on a mission to make life a little bit nicer for the sad, vulnerable, ill, homeless and countless others having a tough time.

Here at Everly we’ve been fascinated by their story, so we asked Nic to tell us more about how a little bit of kindness is changing lives and even creating ripple effects across the globe.

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(Top photo by Congerdesign, Pixabay)