Carla standing near the Italian coastline

The power of YES
with Carla Coulson

Photographer extraordinaire and life coach Carla Coulson is on a mission, sharing joy and reconnecting women all around the world to their passions and creativity, reminding them of their power and that it’s never too late to say ‘yes’ to themselves.

Fuelling dreams and bringing passion projects to life are just some of the success stories when working with these women. In fact, you could say Carla wrote the book on how life-changing ‘yes’ can be. Back in 1999 it started a ripple effect, sending her off on a completely different trajectory of epic proportions.

Beach umbrellas on the coastline of Capri, Italy
When she was 35 living, working and running herself ragged in Sydney, a humble Thai takeaway meal held the key to unlocking the corporate merry-go-round lifestyle that was sucking the joy right out of her.

Along with the meal, Carla was awarded ‘Customer of the Year’ for her continual patronage and support of the restaurant. She went home and cried – really cried – for the life that was passing her by as she worked herself to the bone.

It was the wake-up call she desperately needed, realising she was missing out on a life of love, personal reward, adventure, community and feeling passionate about what she did every single day.

Carla packed up her life and headed to Florence to study photography and soak up a different kind of life, one with joy and connection. (The Italians are great teachers of la dolce vita!)

Woman holding a large bouquet of pink and orange flowers
Stepping into the unknown was scary and difficult at times, but ultimately becoming a photographer in Florence and later Paris led to a new beginning – all because she had the courage to say ‘yes’ to herself and invite change into her life.

Having worked for some of the world’s best magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Gourmet Traveller and Collezioni), Carla has also published three books of her own and collaborated on five more…

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(Photos courtesy of Loc Boyle (top) and Carla Coulson)