Hands holding a piccolo coffee

Aussie cafes
reinvigorate the Parisian coffee scene

In the past 10 years, Australia’s thriving café culture has given rise to many spin-offs around the world, and with good reason.

High quality Arabica coffee beans and drool-worthy brunches have become part of our weekend (if not morning) rituals, so it’s only natural we want to share the joy with the world.

Brunch featuring eggs, bacon, coffee, pancakes and French toast

Aussies cafés have successfully captured hearts and tastebuds across the City of Light, offering an alternative to the strong and sometimes bitter Robusta blends typically found in their French counterparts.

Changing the drinking culture from a taste point of view has been no mean feat.

Everly goes behind the scenes to chat with a bunch of Aussie café entrepreneurs delivering full tummies, food comas, specialty coffee and big smiles.

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Brunch being served to a man sitting in a cafe

(Photos courtesy of Honor, Romain Pagnoud for Coutume, and Geraldine Martens for Good News)