Models wear a coral pant suit, coral long dress and a patterned skirt and crop top.

Elie Saab spring-summer 2022

Stepping back to the 70s

Elie Saab’s ready-to-wear spring-summer 2022 collection was unveiled as part of Paris Fashion Week, bringing elegant boho-chic reminiscent of the 1970s.

Feminine silhouettes showcased relaxed and versatile themes in amongst pulsating colours and free-flowing luxe materials.

Models display the Elie Saab collection including a white knee-length dress, a print flower skirt with a white top, and a lime dress with belt
At one end of the spectrum, effervescent pops of colour revealed gradients of orange, red, lime and orion blue cascading into soft ruffling and long flowing silk georgette dresses. Some wrapped into knotted necklines and others showed off one shoulder.

It wouldn’t have been an Elie Saab collection without the quintessential beaded gowns – they didn’t disappoint. The masterful couturier showed off intricately woven textures that also flirted with translucent forms.

Model wears a monogram white, black and tan pants suit with crop top
Monogram fever took over a print pants suit (one of our favourite pieces!) in white, black and tan. The flared legs and belt-cinched waistline, topped off with crop top and blazer, simply oozed effortless and sophisticated style…

Models wear a black jumpsuit and white mini dress

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(Photos courtesy of Elie Saab)

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