Rachel Mellers-Smith, founder of Apero, is sitting down wearing a white long dress

Cheers to the
French life!

Aussie fashion label Apéro embodies the French aperitif culture, mood and way of life, while embracing timeless classics that inspire joy

From a young age, Rachel Mellers-Smith harboured a love of fashion and dreamt of running her own label, but not just any label. It had to empower women, feel fun and timeless, and also have a charitable side that supported other women.

Rachel put in the hard yards in Australia and overseas, broadening her fashion and design experience and discovering where she’d like to position herself in the industry. A firm believer in treating everyone equally and with respect, her mantra has certainly reaped rewards and established Apéro as a mainstay in the fashion landscape. The label caters to women, kids, nursing mothers and more recently men, and is much loved both at home and internationally.

A model wears a black Apero tshirt with red and purple lettering

Everly sat down with Rachel to learn more about her business journey that led to the launch of Apéro in 2017, as well as the pay-offs of hard work, persistence and passion.

How did your love of fashion and design come about? You loved fashion even as a young child.

I don’t really know where my love of fashion came from, I think it was just always inside me. I was very particular as a young kid about what I wanted to wear and dress myself in. Mum always said I was a nightmare to buy clothes for, because I knew exactly what I liked and didn’t like, and she couldn’t convince me otherwise.

Rachel Mellers-Smith as a child. She wears a long check dress and a handbag.

All the way through my childhood I did fashion and wedding dress sketches and even loved cutting up doll clothes to make them more interesting. I remember saying I wanted to be a fashion designer from as early as grade one…

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(Photos courtesy of Apéro)

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