travel a little luxe and Danielle Greentree photography : Danielle riding a bicycle along a boardwalk surrunded by crystal-clear sea water and bungalows in the distance

Chasing the sun with Travel A Little Luxe

How do you find your point of difference in a world saturated by social media? Everly takes a peek behind the curtain with one of the leading luxury travel influencers to find out what sets her apart from the rest.

Sydney-sider Danielle Greentree never set out to become a go-to travel influencer, but sometimes careers and true callings pull us in unexpected directions. Her camera roll includes jaw-dropping photos from around the world, but it’s probably highlights from the Maldives and the Mediterranean that prove most popular.

More than 139,000 people follow Travel A Little Luxe on Instagram (check it out @travel_a_little_luxe), taking notes and screen-shotting Danielle’s first-hand advice for when they get to make the trip themselves. This is what makes it all worthwhile according to Danielle – inspiring fellow travellers and helping them plan their ultimate escapes with a bit of luxury thrown in.

While not everyone can afford to visit these destinations, she believes her travel photography is one way she can bring the world to everyone. And for those who do get to visit, she is equally passionate about ensuring people are equipped with the best knowledge and insights, so they get a lot more bang for their buck and enjoy their time as travellers, not tourists. This is especially important if people are saving up for years to take that DREAM vacation that’ll leave lasting memories, whether it’s a solo trip, with a partner, or a group of friends or family…

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(Photo above courtesy of Travel A Little Luxe. And if you’d like to see all of Danielle’s fine art prints go to her website.)