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Paris on air: A memoir

What do you get when an Aussie and a Swede come together in the City of Light? A magical combination for the story books!

Award-winning podcaster Oliver Gee and artist, fashion designer Lina Nordin Gee are quite the couple. Together they’re responsible for entertaining people all around the world with their writing, artistry, creativity and humour.

You may have heard of The Earful Tower – it’s one of the top travel podcasts winning praise from The New York Times and Expatriates Magazine just to name a few (check it out on Instagram).

But it’s not just for listening, The Earful Tower also includes videos and blogs about Paris and France. You could say it’s an immersive experience, perfect for diehard Francophiles or anyone who appreciates the intricacies of different cultures.

Oliver was born in Australia and at 21 jetted off overseas in search of adventure.

He lived in London and then Sweden, but it was Paris that really struck a chord. Captivated by the history and cultural curiosities of French life, he found himself getting swept up by the city’s magical spell.

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After working as a journalist in Sweden, he was transferred to France following the Charlie Hebdo attack in January 2015 and that’s where he has stayed ever since.

In 2017 he started the podcast as a side gig and recently Oliver announced The Earful Tower had become a company, bolstered by the 1.5 million downloads, two books and almost 600 members. Oliver says he’s proud it’s no longer just a hobby.

Lina’s career has also gone from strength to strength since moving to Paris the same year.

After growing up in Stockholm, she later went on to study fashion design in London. She also lived in Milan and Abu Dhabi before moving to Paris to study a semester of French at the Sorbonne…

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