Black and white photo of two women standing on stage, one is holding a microphone and the other a guitar


The joy and human connection of singing with strangers

Pub Choir began back in 2017 with two friends wanting to share the joy of singing and human connection with a bunch of strangers, who would end the night belting out a popular song in three-part harmony.

The mix of music and comedy (and a beverage or two) was quickly adopted by Aussies, and it didn’t take long for the creative concept to take off around the country.

Astrid walks across the stage, in front of a huge crowd of Pub Choir attendees

As word quickly spread about the euphoric highs and pure joy of Pub Choir, international audiences wanted a taste as well.

Astrid Jorgensen and Waveney Yasso have the best seats in the house when hosting Pub Choir and they share their incredible story with Everly.

Astrid, Waveney and a special guest holding a didgeridoo stand on stage

Not even a global pandemic could stop them spreading good vibes, happiness and togetherness during tough times.

Pub Choir and the cleverly-adapted Couch Choir have become shining examples of how the arts matter – not just in Australia, but all over the world…

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(Photos by Jacob Morrison)