apart together album cover, tim minchin sitting on a suitcase wearing a suit

Debut studio album ‘Apart Together’

20 November 2020

Tim Minchin’s first-ever studio album ‘Apart Together’ is officially here, and he celebrated the release with a streamed concert experience from Sydney’s Trackdown Studios.

The show perfectly captured Minchin’s charismatic brilliance that we usually see on stage, all the while balancing heavier moments that life deals us alongside quick wit and humour.

From 2020 singles ‘The Absence of You’ to ‘Apart Together’, ‘Leaving LA’, ‘Carry you’ and ‘I’ll Take Lonely Tonight’, the album weaves itself through emotive storytelling and life’s complexities.

Listening to these songs you’re reminded once again what an amazing lyricist Minchin is. And the way he enunciates everything makes it very easy on the ears.

Plus there’s another six previously unreleased tracks featuring on the album.

Minchin’s expanded band and string section added to this wonderful live concert experience and even Ben Folds made a special guest appearance on ‘Airport Piano’ (playing the upright, blue and white, lyric-decorated piano that features in the music video, which is being auctioned off for charity).

Fans will revel in the album release and we can all keep our collective fingers crossed that the concert experience (which was only available for 48 hours) will one day be available to watch again, because it was real, raw, gritty, beautiful, touching and honest.

‘Apart Together’ is the perfect amalgam of wistfulness and whimsy. After a tough year, it’s what we need right now.

As the uber-talented, multi-hyphenate Minchin says, it’s all about making lemonade out of lemons.

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